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We are glad that you have come here to learn about your neighbors and friends who adhere to East Asian religions. While the religions of the East are in many ways different from Christian religions of the West, Christians share a lot in common with Buddhists and those of Taoist, Shinto and Confucian backgrounds:

  • We are all striving to live morally pure lives.
  • We are each concerned about living in harmony with the world around us.
  • We are people who desire peace.

The best way to learn about your East Asian friends is to get to know them. Invite them over to enjoy a meal from your own culture and then ask them about theirs. Talk about current events and find out their perspective of why certain things are happening. Ask about what is meaningful to them and discover what they do to deal with the inequalities and unfairness in life. Most importantly, be a real friend!

Or perhaps you know someone who is not culturally East Asian but has adopted the beliefs and practices of an Eastern religion. Like you they have been on a journey to discover the answers to the difficult questions of life. Ask about their spiritual journey. Find out how they find meaning in life. Discover how they deal with the stress and busy-ness in this fast-paced, media driven age. Learn from them. Share with them. Be real with them.

This website is dedicated to helping you learn the basics of East Asian religions and beliefs so that you can bridge the cultural gap between yourself and those around you, and be better prepared to explain what Adventists believe. Everyone wants to be valued and understood. Everyone needs a true friend. We encourage you to invest in getting to know them. You'll find that you'll grow in the process! So come. Learn. Grow. And use your new knowledge to make new friends!

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